“Moonlight Nectar”

It all starts with a moonlit stroll.

You notice pink rose petals on the ground.

As you walk closer, you notice a trail.

More rose petals leading the way.

Following the petals brings you to a river.

You hear the water rushing and flowing.

As you step into the stream,

Euphoria rushes all over your body.

Feeling a thirst, you take small sips.

The moonlight nectar is effervescent.

As you begin to awaken from your ecstasy,

You open your eyes just as she finishes.

She shudders and collapses on your bed.

As your body taps out, you drift off into the sky.

Ⓒ Mauricio Rincon Ⓡ Skeletal Abstract 2022


When I write,

My shit smells like a rose.

That’s because my material

Is a fusion of poetry and prose.

My brain stays cocked and loaded

While yours stays on “safety”.

Not a damn thing you can do

To evade or escape me.

Back at the pad,

My pens are all out of ink.

And to think, in a blink

My words manifest with a wink.

A sudden intrusion,

Causes confusion;

And with it the conclusion

My pens need an ink transfusion.

“Runaway Girl”*

Come back my girl, don’t run away.

You’re taking my heart with you,

I’ll be left astray…

That smile, those eyes,

Forever burned into my mind.

Please return to me, be kind and rewind.

I still need you, now more than ever,

You thought you were clever

That day when you released the lever.

Pulled the world from under my feet,

Unlike you, I didn’t run…

Instead I accepted the taste of bitter defeat.

Mauricio Rincon © 2021 Skeletal Abstract

*Inspired by a Jim Morrison poem

“Cosmic Synergy”

You had me at “Hello”.

At first I was hesitant.

Wasn’t sure if you were real or not.

But, I decided to go with my guts,

My Capricorn instincts.

I could tell you were being sincere,

And your form and way of expressing yourself

Really caught my attention.

You being beautiful was a plus,

But your personality radiates and shines like the sun.

Even though we’ve only known each other

For such a short while,

It feels like I’ve known you for a long time.

Suddenly, I am alive again after walking dead for years.

You have given me hope, and something to look forward to.

I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Together we can conquer the world!

It seems that the stars have aligned to guide us on our journey…

Bare witness to this cosmic synergy.

©Mauricio Rincon ®2021 Skeletal Abstract

“Father’s Day”

One of the best feelings in the world,

Is knowing that a mini you is walking the earth.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to have that.

And even more unfortunate, and sad,

The fact that there are those

That take that gift for granted.

They go as far as to neglect and not be there

For their children’s informative years or at all.

I am proud to say that I am not one of them.

I live, breathe, and would die for my kid.

Hearing my child call me daddy is euphoric.

The greatest blessing bestowed upon me by God.

Mauricio Rincon © 2021 Skeletal Abstract

“Avenging Demon”

I’m on a quest for revenge

Like a possessed demon

I’m that spiritual semen

Infect you like seamen

Out on shore leave

Impregnate you as you conceive

These fantastical images I perceive

Untangle myself from this web I weaved

Don’t try to deceive

This brother of a known seducer

My poetry becomes looser

Making you a sore loser

Call me big bully or big bruiser

Run you over with a Land Cruiser

Melt you like wax

Cause you’re a copy and that’s fax

Don’t backtrack now you owe me tax

Got me in a Fury so call me Mad Max

Hop on board or get pwnd

And maybe you can avoid getting ownd

Cheap Ronald rip-off

You’re just a regular clown

Time for you to get up

Or lay the fuck down

© Mauricio Rincon ®SkeletalAbstract 2021

“Alone Again”

Once again, I find myself alone.

The only friends I can turn to

Are my paper and my pen.

Loneliness gripping me tight.

I feel like I am suffocating,

Like as if I was drowning.

No one around to save me.

No one around to hear my screams.

Should I just accept my fate?

Surrender to my fears?

Or should I continue fighting?

Fighting for my happiness?

But at what cost?

So many questions,

So little answers.

I’ve been down this road before,

Yet, this time around it feels different.

Almost as if someone has cast a spell

That blocks me from being happy.

Is that even a thing?

They say that if you love someone,

You should let them go,

And if they return to you,

It was meant to be.

But what if I can’t let go?

What if I tried that already

And she came back, but, not single?

What then? What should one do?

How can I turn my back on that person?

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

So whoever it was that said that,

Obviously has never loved as deep as I do.

How do I even begin to force my heart

To not love this person anymore?

How do I act like 6 years didn’t matter?

And how was she able to move on?

I don’t know the answers, but,

I was taught to fight for what I believe in.

Except, I’ve been fighting for so long

That maybe I should admit defeat.

After all, she stays proving she is over me.

How am I not able to be as strong?

Why am I so weak when I know better?

What is keeping me hanging on?

The good moments we shared?

The bomb sex? The warm kisses?

The late night convos?

Who can I reach out to for answers?

When all I feel is loneliness…

©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2020


Ten years ago,

You were so excited to see me

That you raced over to me on your bike

And crashed into me forgetting to brake!

My poor baby, you ended up hurt,

But daddy was there to dry your tears.

Eight years ago we went to the movies

And you had such a good time,

That you would always ask me when

We would go back to watch another movie.

It’s moments like these that make life

Worth living and enjoying.

Recently you learned to drive,

And now you have a driver’s permit!

I can’t believe that day has finally come,

My baby will be a licensed driver soon.

It’s both scary and exciting all at once.

You’ll be the legal age to vote,

And these days, your vote matters.

No longer that little baby girl

That would hold onto my finger

As I would watch over you as you slept.

You gave me purpose,

I lived only to raise you and educate you

And teach you how to survive, and adapt.

My pride and joy,

I have loved watching you grow

Into the smart and beautiful lady you are.

Happy Birthday, my Virgo princess.

Poppers loves you forever and ever!

©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2020


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,

4, 3….

Today I turned 43.

But, I don’t feel any older

Than I did yesterday.

As I take a long pull from my wooden pipe,

I start to think about all the hearts I have broken…

Lives that I destroyed back in my youth.

It’s no wonder why karma is such a cruel mistress.

I recall the day she first showed up.

Dress all torn, hair all a mess.

Two birthdays ago she just walked up to me,

Told me that she was here to collect a debt,

And immediately I knew, I knew exactly why she was here.

I had known for years that this day would come.

So I accepted what came my way.

Today on my birthday, I stand before you, broken but humbled.

Looking back I regret a lot of things,

But I know that all of that is in the past.

Nothing I can do now to change it.

I lost a lot, hurt a lot, cried a lot…

Now that I am another year older, I can only reflect,

And move forward with a more positive outlook and direction.

© Mauricio Rincon 2020

“An Offer To The Sun God”

The sun was setting.

Bright orange was the sky.

Murky gold were the clouds.

Two men face to face.

Both stood atop the tallest pyramid in all of Anahuac.

One of them was the chief of the Aztec tribes.

The other one was a distinguished conquistador commander.

Each held their ground.

A standoff –

“Fuck this guy, who the fuck does he think he is?

Coming here to my land and trying to take my people away?

Bringing disease with their nasty asses!!”

These were the thoughts in the chief’s head.

“Indigenous native scum!

How dare he oppose our religious beliefs!

My God shall smite him and his people!

That bastard will learn to kneel before me!!”

These were the thoughts in the conquistadors head.

A standoff no more as the chief suddenly decapitated the conquistadors head clean off.

Well, not so clean, it was actually really messy.

The Aztec chief just stood there and raised the head as an offering to the Sun God.

And the Sun God seemed pleased, for soon after there was a loud hush over the city.

Purple lightning lit up the sky and then the loud voices of the nation were heard again.

One small victory in the impending war that would soon be on its way…


©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2019