”Memory Lane”

Sitting in my room,

Thinking about those days

Where we would stay up all night.

Talking about our hopes and dreams.

I miss how we would cuddle,

Watching your girly shows.

How you used to tease me

Because I would get all into them.

Coming home to you

Was the best feeling in the world.

Laying down next to you,

I never felt alone.

You were always safe with me.

I would always comfort you.

I never gave you bad advice.

You never had any reasons to cry.

Now all I can do is reminisce.

This room feels empty without you,

It’s too quiet and lonely here.

I just wish you would come back.

©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2019


“Cold As Ice”

I was forgotten overnight.

How could this be?

How was this possible?


Seems your heart had an on/off switch.

How else could this be explained?


You were selfish.

You were cold hearted.

You threw away six years.

You were a fool to think that by betraying me you would get ahead in life.

But you forgot that karma always comes back around for all of us…


The best thing about losing?

Nothing, I didn’t lose anything since your love for me was never real to begin with.


My love was unconditional.

My heart was pure.

My intentions were honorable.


You wanted no part of what I was offering.

You chose to be miserable instead.

Who does that? What sane person actually chooses that?


All I know is that I loved you and respected you with all my might and soul.


You wasted all those years for nothing.


©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2019


I’ll never understand why Tony! Toni! Tone! sang a song about

“It Never Rains In Southern California”.

Did they even live in California when they wrote that?

Because I can confirm that IT DOES rain in Southern Cali.

Like a lot.

To the point that it gets to be very annoying.

I don’t see the fascination or the attraction that you all seem to have with rain,

Because that shit is just dirty water and filled with chemicals.

Why can’t the rain just do its thing on weekends when I have no plans?

Rain on the weekends is the perfect cuddle weather.

Rain during a work week and during work hours is just a nuisance.

If  you can teach me a rain dance that will make it go away, sign me up.

Otherwise, I’ll just be right here being a rain hater.

©Mauricio Rincon       ®Skeletal Abstract 2019


Life is a lot like baseball.

Growing up is basically like being in the minor leagues.

That is where you learn how to play the game.

That is where you learn the basic rules.

That is where you sharpen your skills.

It is where special bonds are created and formed.

By the time you reach the age of adulthood,

You are expected to perform at your best,

Because now, you are in the major leagues.

From here, you will either rise to be a star,

Or fall hard like a foul ball into the right field stands.

This will be my 42nd season,

And I must admit, I have enjoyed every last minute of it.

Nothing in life will ever be perfect,

But nothing says we can’t have fun and live each day to our best ability.

So here’s to another amazing season, cheers!!


©Mauricio Rincon       ®Skeletal Abstract        2019


Jessica, you and I started out as just friends.

Then in time we became a couple.

I could always talk to you about anything.

You would listen and give me comfort.

Then we broke up, made up, and became homie lover friends.

We shared everything, our dreams, our thoughts and our fears.

But then you walked away and now I’m all tears.

You left me alone.

Alma, when you and I reconnected,

I apologized for all the shit I had put you through back when we were together.

You forgave me and said it’s in the past.

In a short time, we became close friends.

You even gave me advice about Jessica.

Told me to give her time,

That she would come back.

You didn’t have to be there for me,

But you stood by me like a true friend.

You were my shoulder to lean on,

And then just like that…

You passed away and left me alone.

Now, I find myself in an emotional state.

Filled with love, anger and hate.

But the dreaded loneliness is powerful.

I don’t have anyone to talk to.

I feel abandoned, forgotten.

My life has spun out of control and why?

How did this happen?

Do I deserve this much pain and sorrow?

Only God knows the answer…

But for now, I’ll deal with being alone.

©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2018

“In Memory Of Alma Hernandez”

I’m at a loss…

Words can’t describe.

My heart is broken.

I can’t stop the tears…

I’m angry,

What the fuck Alma?!

Why did you have to go so sudden?

My dear, sweet friend.

Thank you for being true.

Thank you for being the realest.

Thank you for your words.

Thank you for listening.

There will never be another like you.

I just hope you are in a better place.

Make sure to crank up the music,

Turn up Amy Winehouse on full blast!

Make the angels sing along with you.

Tell Stan and my grandparents I said hello.

Give them all a big hug for me.

Watch over me, all of you.

Your memory will live on with me.

Your life will be celebrated.

I will never forget you.

Rest in peace, heaven has a new angel.

©Mauricio Rincon  ®Skeletal Abstract 2018

“I Failed”

I had only one job.

That was to keep you happy and by my side forever.

I guess I failed.

But you see, my instinct is never wrong,

I knew there was someone else.

Yet, I chose to trust you and give you the benefit of the doubt.

And what did you do?

You chose to lie to me and play me for a fool.

Why would you do that?

If you were done with me,

Why give me hope?

Why make me think you still cared about me?

I failed.

They say that communication is the key to any lasting relationship.

But ours broke down and I don’t even know why or when.

I must of been blind to the fact that you were not in love with me anymore.

The question is, “What did you expect was going to happen?”

You had to have known I was going to find out sooner or later.

Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to be with someone else?

If you were so afraid of losing my friendship, why did you do it anyway?

What made you think I would want to stay friends with you after all that?

I mean, I tried, but my feelings for you kept making it hard for me to accept the reality.

I failed.

I even fought to win you back.

Something that I had never done before ever.

But what did that get me?

Nothing but make me look like a damn pendejo.

Like a game of Black Jack, I was all in but lost everything to chance.

I do want to thank you for all that you taught me.

And I want to thank you for all the years you shared with me.

But like that old NSYNC song,

You’re “Gone”.

I’m sorry that I failed you.

©Mauricio Rincon         ®Skeletal Abstract 2018