“Avenging Demon”

I’m on a quest for revenge

Like a possessed demon

I’m that spiritual semen

Infect you like seamen

Out on shore leave

Impregnate you as you conceive

These fantastical images I perceive

Untangle myself from this web I weaved

Don’t try to deceive

This brother of a known seducer

My poetry becomes looser

Making you a sore loser

Call me big bully or big bruiser

Run you over with a Land Cruiser

Melt you like wax

Cause you’re a copy and that’s fax

Don’t backtrack now you owe me tax

Got me in a Fury so call me Mad Max

Hop on board or get pwnd

And maybe you can avoid getting ownd

Cheap Ronald rip-off

You’re just a regular clown

Time for you to get up

Or lay the fuck down

© Mauricio Rincon ®SkeletalAbstract 2021

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