As I sit underneath the stars

It’s amazing to think,

They’re sending people to Mars!

Which planet does God live on?

Does anyone know?

Are all the planets filled with life

Or are they just there for show?

Questions upon questions…

Answers are infinite.

But to one day see other lifeforms

Yeah, I’m down, I’m into it…

Would they be aliens?

Or would we be the ones?

Would they greet us with hugs

Or an explicit amount of guns?

Peace is just a dream

Or maybe just a thought

Are we truly alone out here?

Nah, I’m thinking that probably not.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon



My gut instinct told me something was wrong,
Then I found out that your loyalty was gone.
Guess our love had been walked out that door,
It left everything thrown on the floor.
No longer will we share,
A love that was never there.
When the moon has lost its light,
And the sun is no longer bright…
No longer will we share,
The love that was never there.

Now that your loyalty is no longer around,
Time for me to pick myself off the ground.
Loving you was all I could do,
But you played me for a fool.
No longer will we share,
A love that was never there.
When you yearn for me at night,
I’ll be gone and out of sight.
No longer will we share,
The love that was never there.

Your only job was to dedicate your life,
And God would of blessed you as my wife.
But all the ugly lies that you fed me,
Is what ended our relationship’s dynasty.
No longer will we share,
A bond that was never there.
When you think of me tonight,
Just know that your decision wasn’t right.
No longer will we share,
What am I saying? You don’t even care.

*Inspired by the song “Mona Lisa” – Wyclef & Neville Bros.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon

“I’m Not Your Puppet”

I am a Capricorn.

Self-proclaimed King.

Not some stupid little puppet,

Hanging by a string.

Do I really look that dumb?

That I’ll allow you to tug and pull

And dance to the beat of your drum?

Come on, let’s be adults…

Look, I’m not a little toy,

Some object that you can control.

I don’t think this is going to work.

Do I look like a side dish or a sushi roll?

No, because I’m a man with dignity,

Respect me as such.

I really fell for your charm,

A true sucker for your touch.

You almost had me,

Preyed on my emotional state.

Giving me false promises,

Of someday going out on a date.

In all my experience,

I never really had any competition.

But now that I do,

I’m facing some tough opposition.

And I’ve never been one to quit,

But after everything I’ve been through?

I’m done, I’m tired of this shit.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon

“Silver Lining”

I should of known from the start,

That you would break my heart.

Played me for a fool,

But still I had to see this through.

You had me wrapped around your little finger…

Now all I have is these memories that’ll just linger.

Thankful there’s no if’s and’s or maybe’s,

To be honest, I’m gonna miss you baby.

I gave it my best shot,

But now I feel stupid, ’cause all of it was for naught…

You crushed all my hopes and dreams,

I guess I never really knew you it seems.

I sincerely wish you the best,

It just hurts to know that I failed this test.

In the end I lost my best friend,

Now I must accept the fact that I’ll never see you again.

No longer will I know your touch,

After all these years, this sucks so much.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this, but I have to be strong.

What the fuck happened? All this just feels so wrong.

I guess it was bad timing,

Only time will tell if there’s any silver lining.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon


Where do I start?

Where do I begin?

Here we go,

Is everybody in?

It all started one fateful day,

I had just begun my shift

And there she was making her way.

As she walked up to me

I noticed that she wasn’t alone.

When she tried to introduce herself

I had to run off to go answer the phone.

It was the supervisor,

He had called to explain her task.

A woman so beautiful, but in secret

Hiding her ugly side behind a mask.

Fast forward three years,

And she’s the bestest friend I’ve ever had.

A clumsy lover but a great listener,

All in all, she wasn’t half bad.

But then there was this issue of little white lies…

That fact alone wasn’t a deal breaker,

Forcing her to be honest?

Her own dad couldn’t even make her.

But I wasn’t an angel, I played my part as well.

Fast forward to our fifth year, there’s more I have to tell.

I’ll admit, it took a lot of hard work, but we made it this far.

And to show for it, I helped her buy a car.

It’s a trip, but this is a new record for me,

With all my experience,

Communication has always been the key.

Now here we are, bottom of the 6th inning.

Year number seven, so why does it feel like we’re back at the beginning?

Family should always come first,

We can all agree.

But when that family is always negative?

Nah, that’s not the life for me.

I stood by her side and gave her balance and support,

But she always chose them over me,

I wasn’t even considered her last resort.

And then one day out of the blue the texts and calls just stopped…

The comfy bubble I was living in popped.

All that work we put in was for nothing.

Instead of falling down we should of stood for something.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon

“Wind Factor #3”

As the wind races over
The contours of my body,
My ears freeze up as if
Being embalmed with nitrogen.

The wind is running rampant,
But, has no real destiny.
It lives to caress me like
An eager, excited lover.

The wind gives me the kind of chills that could break
The thickest of frost riddled ponds.
Ice begins to glaze across my neck,
Giving me brainfreeze like
After eating a slushee.

A raven swoops by and croaks out
What sounds like a mating call.
Another smaller raven gives chase
As they rendezvous with a third raven up into the clouds.

The wind begins to pick up its’ momentum.
Where in the hell is this damned bus?
I’m about to turn into an ice cube out here.
Wait, here it comes…

Excuse me while I put my pen on ice.


© Mauricio Rincon 1994

“New Year”

Another year comes to a close…

As old man winter tickles your nose.

For me, today is just another regular day,

A humble type of guy, going about my way.

Be safe and don’t put yourselves at risk…

Don’t give these cops a reason to frisk…

Have a good time, as if it was your last,

Take a moment to reflect on your past.

God gives, and God takes.

Be mindful of the choices you make.

Tomorrow begins a brand new year,

What good is being alive, if we just live in fear?

© Mauricio Rincon 2018