“Cold As Ice”

I was forgotten overnight.

How could this be?

How was this possible?


Seems your heart had an on/off switch.

How else could this be explained?


You were selfish.

You were cold hearted.

You threw away six years.

You were a fool to think that by betraying me you would get ahead in life.

But you forgot that karma always comes back around for all of us…


The best thing about losing?

Nothing, I didn’t lose anything since your love for me was never real to begin with.


My love was unconditional.

My heart was pure.

My intentions were honorable.


You wanted no part of what I was offering.

You chose to be miserable instead.

Who does that? What sane person actually chooses that?


All I know is that I loved you and respected you with all my might and soul.


You wasted all those years for nothing.


©Mauricio Rincon ®Skeletal Abstract 2019


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