“I Failed”

I had only one job.

That was to keep you happy and by my side forever.

Instead I lost you to someone else.

I realize now that you’ve outgrown me and are out of my reach.

I tried to stay your friend but my feelings for you made it difficult to deal with.

I failed.

Communication is the key to any lasting relationship.

But ours broke down and I don’t even know why or when.

I was blind to the fact that you were not into me anymore.

The question is, “What did you expect to accomplish with your actions?”

Why not just tell me to fuck off?

I failed.

My instinct is never wrong, I knew there was someone else.

But I trusted you and gave you the benefit of the doubt.

Instead you purposely lied and played me for a fool.

Why would you choose to make me believe I had hope?

I guess I failed to win you back.

Like a game of Black Jack, I was all in but lost everything to chance.

I thank you for all that you taught me and for all the years you shared with me.

But like that old NSYNC song, you’re “Gone”.

I’m sorry that I failed you.

©Mauricio Rincon         ®Skeletal Abstract 2018


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