“I Failed”

I had only one job.

That was to keep you happy and by my side forever.

I guess I failed.

But you see, my instinct is never wrong,

I knew there was someone else.

Yet, I chose to trust you and give you the benefit of the doubt.

And what did you do?

You chose to lie to me and play me for a fool.

Why would you do that?

If you were done with me,

Why give me hope?

Why make me think you still cared about me?

I failed.

They say that communication is the key to any lasting relationship.

But ours broke down and I don’t even know why or when.

I must of been blind to the fact that you were not in love with me anymore.

The question is, “What did you expect was going to happen?”

You had to have known I was going to find out sooner or later.

Why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to be with someone else?

If you were so afraid of losing my friendship, why did you do it anyway?

What made you think I would want to stay friends with you after all that?

I mean, I tried, but my feelings for you kept making it hard for me to accept the reality.

I failed.

I even fought to win you back.

Something that I had never done before ever.

But what did that get me?

Nothing but make me look like a damn pendejo.

Like a game of Black Jack, I was all in but lost everything to chance.

I do want to thank you for all that you taught me.

And I want to thank you for all the years you shared with me.

But like that old NSYNC song,

You’re “Gone”.

I’m sorry that I failed you.

©Mauricio Rincon         ®Skeletal Abstract 2018


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