“I’m Not Your Puppet”

I am a Capricorn.

Self-proclaimed King.

Not some stupid little puppet,

Hanging by a string.

Do I really look that dumb?

That I’ll allow you to tug and pull

And dance to the beat of your drum?

Come on, let’s be adults…

Look, I’m not a little toy,

Some object that you can control.

I don’t think this is going to work.

Do I look like a side dish or a sushi roll?

No, because I’m a man with dignity,

Respect me as such.

I really fell for your charm,

A true sucker for your touch.

You almost had me,

Preyed on my emotional state.

Giving me false promises,

Of someday going out on a date.

In all my experience,

I never really had any competition.

But now that I do,

I’m facing some tough opposition.

And I’ve never been one to quit,

But after everything I’ve been through?

I’m done, I’m tired of this shit.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon


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