“Silver Lining”

I should of known from the start,

That you would break my heart.

Played me for a fool,

But still I had to see this through.

You had me wrapped around your little finger…

Now all I have is these memories that’ll just linger.

Thankful there’s no if’s and’s or maybe’s,

To be honest, I’m gonna miss you baby.

I gave it my best shot,

But now I feel stupid, ’cause all of it was for naught…

You crushed all my hopes and dreams,

I guess I never really knew you it seems.

I sincerely wish you the best,

It just hurts to know that I failed this test.

In the end I lost my best friend,

Now I must accept the fact that I’ll never see you again.

No longer will I know your touch,

After all these years, this sucks so much.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this, but I have to be strong.

What the fuck happened? All this just feels so wrong.

I guess it was bad timing,

Only time will tell if there’s any silver lining.

© 2018 Mauricio Rincon


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